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AVIMAC is a trademark of Herbal Medicines product that contains the active ingredient of MAC Oil, an isolate and extract of the plant Melaleuca Alternifolia which is then purified through the special technology found by Prof. Max Reynolds, PhD (98alive International Pty. Ltd. Australia). The production process and formulation of MAC Oil has been registered as a new discovery in USA patent No.9,023,888 and AUSTRALIA patent No.2011358128.

MAC Oil Not Tea Tree Oil

According to comparison test result in DKI Jakarta Labkesda in 2013.

In the pre-clinical trial carried under the leadership of Prof. Lukman A Hakim at the Inter Center of the University of Biotechnology UGM and the Faculty of Pharmacy UGM in Yogyakarta, obtained LD50 MAC Oil figure of 21 grams / kg bw. This proves that Mac Oil is considered practically non-toxic. The pre-clinical research confirms that MAC Oil is safe for humans.

Immune Boost

Boost & Maintain Immune System

Help Reduce Viral Load

High Antioxidant

Fight Free Radicals

Improve Health

How AVIMAC Works

AVIMAC 150 inside a box or bottle @ 30 hard capsules 

1 capsule a day (for boost and maintain immune system) after meal

Help boosting recovery from:
COVID-19 : 2 hard capsules, 3 times a day after meal for 5-7 days

Store in a cool and dry place

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