AVIMAC - your standardized herbal medicine to restore immune system and help to fight the Coronavirus.

Natural based ingredient –

MAC oil is obtained from isolation and fractionation process by special technology invented by Prof. Max Reynolds, PHD. that has been patented.

All the good things in one capsule

MAC Oil – AVIMAC’s main ingredient has been proven through comparison test result in Labkesda DKI in 2013 to be safe to use.

It is proven to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungus properties, therefore it is used to make AVIMAC. The long process of making MAC Oil, has already patented, USA Patent 9,023,888 and Australia Patent 2011358128.

Using MAC Oil, AVIMAC’s Antioxidant is very high, almost 5 times more than Krill Oil and almost 6 times more than Acai Berries.

We are in the process of conducting Case Trials for treating Covid-19 patients, permitted by Indonesian FDA (BPOM) since Mid May 2020

Antioxidant strength comparison between MAC Oil with other vitamins available in the market

Avimac comes in a package contains 30 capsules

Helps restore immune system and antioxidants – a capsule daily after meals or for boost COVID-19 recovery, 2 capsules 3 times a day after meal for 5-7 days.

Minum Avimac untuk daya tahan tubuh anda, setelah minum badan terasa enak.


Sesudah minum Avimac memang kerasa lebih fit, terus di swab test jadi negatif hasilnya. Thankyou Avimac.

– EL

Demam,Batuk, Mata merah, tidak bisa mencium bau, setelah saya mengkonsumsi Avimac, saya merasa keadaan saya menjadi membaik.

– G

  • Clinical trials of the benefits of MAC Oil

    We have conducted a test by PT Equilab International for clinical trials of the benefits of MAC Oil on human immune systems to healthy people. As a result, MAC Oil is safe and returns the immune system to the balance of homeostasis in the human body.

  • Domestic production efforts

    We have made initial efforts to encourage the fulfilment of medicinal raw materials in Indonesia. It is projected that AVIMAC can be fully produced locally in Indonesia, under the 98alive International License.

  • Mac oil certification

    The production process and formulation of MAC oil has been registered as a new discovery in USA patent No. 9,023,888 and AUSTRALIA patent No. 2011358128.

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